Creative Writing

I have a lot of creative writing items in drives, disks, etc. but sadly no time to find and post them but some day I will get around to updating this page.

Tanka - The Dunes

Sand, beautifully white. 
As far as the eye can see. 
Like snow in winter. 
Cool sand, a summer's delight.
In Alamogordo's heat.

Allergy Sufferer's Springtime Lament  - I went online to try and find a poem about spring and the allergy season. I work for an HVAC contractor in Alamogordo, New Mexico who sells electrostatic filtration systems that help with pollens in the home. Of course, spring is beautiful and you can find hoards of writings about it's beauty but it's no surprise very little about allergies in the spring. So, here's me paying homage to allergy sufferers. Hope you like it!

What Can I Do?

A Collection of Haikus
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