100 Great Things

My list: Comforting of the soul and happy thoughts or memories even in the midst of life’s challenges.

Sometimes it is the hardest thing in the world to think of one thought that gives you the ability to enjoy life. After all, we are all alone in our journey through the maze. Sure, most of us have friends, family and maybe even a specially loved soul mate but in the midst of turmoil our journey is still a lone one. Whether it is your favorite food or a feeling or an act, whatever brings you that feeling of comfort it is important to capture these thoughts and hold them dear. When you’re feeling down and blue, maybe there’s something on my list that will lift your spirit. The order of importance changes almost minute by minute.

1. The feeling of accomplishment from finishing a project.
2. The first bite from your favorite of mom’s recipes.
3. The playful whimsy of baby animals.
4. The thrill of finding a great bargain.
5. Ice Cream with cake or pie (or both).
6. The melody of your favorite song.
7. The satisfaction of reading a good book.
8. The view from the top of a mountain.
9. Watching snow falling.
10. Picnics on a perfect day.
11. The beauty of thousands of lights in the night.
12. Watching fish swimming in an aquarium.
13. Sunrise/Sunset
14. The smell of fresh-baked breads pastries.
15. Winning a contest or a close game.
16. The smell of rain.
17. The feeling you get from putting on a nice, well-fitting outfit.
18. Chips and dip, watching your favorite sports.
19. A hot cup of cocoa on a cold winter’s day.
20. Long talks with a trusted friend.
21. The first cup of morning coffee made perfectly.
22. A cool dip in the pool on a hot day.
23. A hot bowl of soup on a cold day.
24. Looking through old photographs and memorabilia.
25. Climbing into your own bed after you’ve been away.
26. The sight of beautiful flowers.
27. Snow days where you get to stay home.
28. Soaking in a hot tub.
29. A good joke.
30. A really good movie and fresh hot popcorn.
31. A good cry.
32. A clear, starry and peaceful night sky.
33. Pizza and a cold drink with friends or family.
34. Animals acting funny.
35. Reaching a compromise.
36. Water slides.
37. The sight of children or animals sleeping peacefully.
38. The taste of fresh-picked garden foods.
39. The view of the full moon.
40. Giggling.
41. Long drives with beautiful scenery and lots of time.
42. The thrill of winning a bet.
43. Candlelight.
44. Digging your toes in the sand at the beach.
45. Pajamas.
46. Romance.
47. Fireworks.
48. The comfort of faith.
49. Hugs.
50. Awaking after a good night’s sleep.
51. The beauty of flames in a fireplace or a campfire.
52. Recognition for a good job.
53. Massages.
54. A great ocean view.
55. A hamburger with french fries and no guilt.
56. The clean feeling after brushing your teeth.
57. Looking into your child’s eyes the first time.
58. Fast internet.
59. Peaceful quiet.
60. Feeling safe.
61. Smores while camping.
62. Watching hummingbirds feed.
63. A cool breeze.
64. Boat rides.
65. A hot cup of tea with nothing to do.
66. Awareness of unconditional love.
67. Walking barefoot.
68. Realizing trust.
69. Bacon, nuf said.
70. Landing a new job that you really wanted.
71. Feeling your baby kick for the first time.
72. Solving a puzzle.
73. Fresh iced lemonade or tea on a hot day.
74. A walk along a river.
75. The feeling of owning your home.
76. Watching your children teaching their children.
77. Green chile stew and a fresh made flour tortilla.
78. The sight of a waterfall.
79. Back scratches.
80. A clean house.
81. Diversity and social acceptance.
82. Watching hot air balloons in flight.
83. The beauty of the fall colors on the leaves of trees.
84. The possibilities of a clean sheet of paper.
85. Listening to your national anthem.
86. Walking through fresh laid snow.
87. Knowing that you left something better than it was when you arrived.
88. The feeling of security.
89. Lightening in the distance.
90. The warmth of fresh laundry when it comes out of the dryer.
91. Accomplishment from creating a work of art.
92. Promises kept.
93. Parades, fairs and carnival rides.
94. Maple syrup.
95. Knowledge and acceptance of self.
96. Dancing.
97. Watching clouds.
98. Unexpected gifts.
99. Comfort from butter on fresh, hot bread.
100. Feeling of belonging within family.

I’m sure there are thousands of other things that could be added to my list, but this is what I have now.

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