History From An Adopted Girls Perspective

The other day, my daughter who knows I'm adopted sent me a private message asking me if “tumors run on your side”. I responded “What side? I'm adopted. I've never had any.” She asks “You don't have a family history?” I said “I'm making my own history. Since I was adopted at birth, I was a little too young to get into it with them.” Many people have asked me about trying to find my birth parents. I've never understood what I'm supposed to be looking these people up for? I don't go looking for trouble and with my luck, they're homeless.

A few years back we moved to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. If you read anything about this place that has been produced by the local writers, it's all going to be history, history, history. People's view of history has always been a funny thing to me. It seems to be a subject that is highly debatable and I've noted that all tourism departments tend to focus on this as an “attraction” for visiting an area. Our area is famous because George Washington bathed here. It must be so, it's mentioned in every article about the place. I just want to know, how hot is the water? That's not to say I'm unpatriotic. I just don't care where anyone has bathed.

Honestly, with all the fighting that goes on behind who got here and when and what the forefathers intended, I have to wonder if maybe it would be better if everyone didn't know a darned thing about where they came from. Anyway, in this area everyone seems to start out their latest opinion about a controversy with how long they've lived here (as if it weighs as an important factor on whether they should be listened to). I find this an interesting behavior and I've never encountered it anywhere before on such a massive scale. I've even had people who were applying for a job at an organization I worked for who've said when I asked for their resume that they've never needed one because their name is (whatever it was) and they've lived in the area (however long it was). I don't remember their names.

It's no wonder West Virginia is last in everything with that sort of view. With the globalist agenda of our government, can anyone wonder why this is Trump country? Newsflash West Virginia, no one cares who your parents are when it comes to small business hiring practices, unless of course you come from a family of millionaires who are willing to invest in the business. In which case, come by with a check and once it's cashed we'll put you work. In the real world though, we want to see a verifiable work history in resume format. Resume builders are free with Google Docs and various other free programs.

A new controversy here in our area is apparently the state BAD (Brownfield, Abandoned, Dilapidated) Buildings Program. On the other side of this are those who are terribly concerned about their business model to promote our area as a small town “lost in time”. Therefore, I suspect they are developing plans to “save the history” i.e., the old buildings, some of which are falling down. From my perspective, I wonder what the Conoy, Delaware, Honniasont, Moneton, Shawnee, and Susquehanna Native Americans might say about the work to preserve some of these buildings, many of which can not be occupied without mega bucks being poured into them? I'd venture to guess it might be something like “Get your ugly, toxin filled, old building off my beautiful Mother Earth!” It don't get any more “lost in time” than that. Houses are meant to be lived in. Without tenants, they die just like anything else.

Meanwhile, for those who are currently trying to earn a living and feed their families, we can see the value in modern conveniences like broadband and public buildings that don't need remediation services and allow for the handicapped to access them per federal law.

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