My Kerfunkle Of Late

It seems I've entered a some kind of kerfunkle of late. I've often said I'm not sure I have enough espionage experience to live/work in West Virginia given some of what I've run across. I arrived here in May 2015 with what I guess was a grand dream in our beautiful new home but of late, at times I find this time thoroughly depressing. It's not the winter, it's beautiful here now as it has been in every season. For a state that was so close to the action when it came to forming the United States (and the reason behind forming the union), it's alarming the indifference that can be felt. This, more than any other reason is why the state's economy is as bad as it is.

Even as you read about the history of the United States dollar bill, you start out with all the thought and symbolism that went into it and end up with people's thoughts on how to replace it and how much cheaper it would be to dispense with it altogether. I was reading also about how during the war it was impossible to find employment without the approval of the War Manpower Commission nor obtain a raise without the National War Labor Board. It really doesn't appear to be much different now, at least not in this area. I watch my daughter try to obtain entry-level jobs; these are jobs anyone can do and yet be denied because she has been on parole. She has more than paid for what she has done and she will continue to do so for the rest of her life. These things should play no part in the ability of a person to work and support themselves. I believe it unchristian to even ask for an explanation of such things.

There are people who appear to be one thing but are working to achieve the opposite of what they profess. They are afraid to express an opinion for fear it may offend someone, not because they care about whether that person is offended but only because that person may be useful in some other way. As you watch this behavior, you wonder if that is why they speak to you also. To help someone that needs help so you can get your “atta boy” out there on social media well, that's is not a good deed folks. If you announce such things, you do so at their cost.  It's an election year, so you see a lot of posturing I guess.

I'm often not politically correct. I don't even try because I'm honest and I would rather be that. If you have offended me, you surely know it (unless you have the I.Q. of a knat). It's not a worry for anyone because I don't hold onto anger very well; but writing this I think I've discovered that kerfunkle. It's really just pity. You can work with people that you don't agree with, even people who are difficult for everyone and forge out a compromise towards a common goal if you know what the goal is and recognize it's importance. That is easy. On the other hand, pitiful people only learn from the damage they do. It's painful to watch. I'm a researcher. Sometimes research is painful to read.

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