How My Berkeley Springs Promotes Business

How is My Berkeley Springs going to help promote your business? It's simple really; like good neighbors we are going to help each other. Why? As an out-of-work administrator, I know that the only way people with skills can get jobs in our area is if the jobs exist. Promoting business creates those jobs. We are opening this hub to community action groups, local event's coordinators, local artists and developers, realtors and yes, even tourism promoters in an effort to promote business in our area. We're casting a wide net on the internet and focusing those results to our area.

The primary focus of our current chamber of commerce and economic development organizations has been promoting tourism and real estate development but this leaves other industries behind. Sure, it's great for the hotels and restaurants who are at least getting some value out of their memberships but some businesses are not tourism hot spots and may never ever be. We have loads of ideas for our sites, so check back often to see what we're up to and stick around to do some shopping! It helps support the site.

Make no mistake about it; some people see what we are offering as a threat. Others have the attitude that if it's not their idea; it's not a good one. We don't want to focus on that type of negativity at My Berkeley Springs so we decided to take the bull by the horns (so to speak). While tourism cannot be our only focus; we can't ignore it's value therefore we developed the non-profit corporation, Travel Morgan County which is in development as a means of promoting tourism in Morgan County but not just tourism. We see this project as more of a cooperative effort between the tourism industry and other industries. We hope to see great things come out of this project some day.

As for My Berkeley Springs (, we update and promote our pages daily, when you're actually out handling your business. When you are linked to our pages and social networking sites; your business is being promoted though our own marketing efforts as a community hub and we are working tirelessly to achieve our goal.
We will be adding all kinds of features to this site, so let's help each other out!

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