What Can I Do?

I don't know baby, what I can do?

Pray for an answer from the divine?
Do search engine queries time after time?
Consult an object that spins us a clue?
Open a cookie with a proverb or two?

Propose a theory and hypothesize truth?
Confer with a lawyer who'll render a view?
Ask opinions of strangers or trusted house pets?
Clairvoyants and gypsies may not be best.

To find you the answers, what can I do?

An appearance on Oprah, or maybe The View?
Then Oz, Phil and Jerry can throw in their two.
Throw of the dice or the flip of a dime?
Invent a machine that travels through time?

With no hints or signs or clear evidence,
no trace with an inkling, it's hard to process.
My simple advice is just venture a guess;
one of life’s wonders is sometimes it’s best.
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